Northern Michigan Real Estate Search

Before you begin searching for the right home to buy, you’ll need to search for the right kind of mortgage to help make the purchase.

Types of Mortgages

  1. Conventional loan – Best for borrowers with a good credit score
  2. Jumbo loan – Best for borrowers with excellent credit looking to buy an expensive home
  3. Government-insured loan – Best for borrowers who have lower credit scores and not much cash for a down payment
    1. Veterans- Veterans Loan Information
    2. FHA- FHA Loan Information
    3. USDA- USDA Loan Information
    4. Rural Development- RD Loan Information
  4. Fixed-rate mortgage – Best for borrowers who want the predictability of the same payments throughout the entire loan
  5. Adjustable-rate mortgage – Best for borrowers who do not plan to stay in the home for a long time, and are comfortable with the risk of larger payments down the road